music has always been a very important part of me and my life. born  in switzerland to italian immigrants i grew up as a   seconda.  started singin in the italian church choir at the age of 6


Later,  i spent a lot of time  just listening to pop, funk and r&b on d radio, singing along with every song i liked … For my particular voice, teachers made me sing in front of audiences at the age of 8 …later, as a teenager, i took private lessons in operetta.. i performed as a backing vocalist  in several swiss bands,  sang on studio projects for producers such as lou geniuz, chur, or berlin based frankie flowerz, with whom i performed also live on various openairs around Switzerland and at the jazz festival montreux.


1994, when the portishead and massive attack area  began, i got really into triphop and electronic music.. together with old friends we started the band mokka, a trip-pop live project for which i wrote words and lyrics. We  performed in several clubs and openairs around switzerland. 2002 we released our first ep with the help of mastermind producer  & friend lou geniuz.

In 2005 the project was put on ice. I continued writing songs   with different producers such as  the jinks, uk, (ep release brazilla 2007 on SOLE music) merge of equals (different releases on  various chillout compilations and 2 albums , signed by SINE MUSIC, Germany) and also on recordings of  frankie flowerz, FUNKHAUS berlin and the lost men, DRUMPOET COMMUNITY Zurich.


In 2009 i started my own project. My forthcoming full length album wiull be releasen in fall 2012, a mix of chilly house, electronica and dirty pop, made in collaboration with different producers… The voice will be the central theme , flowing through the different soundstyles.. The lyrics are telling stories of everyday life, lost loves and found hope…

.. ..

i’ve come a long way but the best is still ahead of me…

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